Generating Wealth – A Holistic Perspective

Today’s economic climate is full of uncertainty and apprehension. Media stories fuel our concerns. Those of us in agriculture really feel a pinch from sky rocketing input costs, impact from climate change, and always-changing government regulations and policy. I’ve spent the last few weeks visiting with women producers located in Central Texas; and hear recurring comments about not making enough income. In the small poultry and grass-fed beef business my husband and I have, poultry feed increased by 59% last year; fuel costs continues to inch up; and we experienced the worst drought in Texas’ recorded history. Now isn’t that enough to get you down.

HMI, Healthy Land, Sustainable Future, HorseSo I’m reminded to shift my thinking from cash to wealth – generating wealth the holistic way. Holistic Management has shown us how to integrate our most desired quality of life values into our goal and to make decisions that keep us moving toward that goal. Having followed the process with my husband now for almost 20 years, we enjoy all our deepest core values even in a cash-strapped year. The land responds quickly and robustly even with a modest amount of rainfall. With all the meat we raise going to local customers, they are patient and loyal waiting for our production to return and then buy everything we can produce.

Using our holistic goal, guided by our future resource base description, and utilizing the tools holistically for ecosystem health, we couldn’t be in a better position. Cash is simply one relatively small component of a wealthy operation. As long as we continue to build our biological and social wealth and use our decision-making skills holistically, the financial wealth will soon improve. We’re already looking into a new winter enterprise of cool season veggies under high tunnels. Next step, Gross Profit Analysis!

To learn more information on generating wealth, download a free document on Holistic Financial Planning from the website.





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