Today, you can help farmers and ranchers stay in business

Just 4 years ago, Lisa and Greg Clouston, owners of Spring Creek Farm were struggling to make a living. Fuel and fertilizer costs were skyrocketing, and Greg began experiencing health issues from the stress of trying to earn a living on their farm. Then Lisa signed them up for a series of classes on Holistic Management.

Today, Spring Creek Farm stands in stark contrast to its surroundings. Grass stands over three feet tall, while neighbors struggle to grow a single inch. On a windy day, Lisa and Greg can see the blowing soil from neighboring undernourished, overgrazed land that surrounds them.

“Holistic Management united everything we do; allowing us to have more cattle, pigs, sheep, and chickens,” says Lisa. “We would have gone out of business without the training we received.

There are counDonate Button Green Largetless others facing the same dilemma that Lisa and Greg faced four years ago.  Read More about how you can help farmers and ranchers stay in business….

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