Rock Hills Ranch Video

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Take a few minutes out of your day and watch this inspiring video of the folks at the Rock Hills Ranch in South Dakota. Their holistically managed ranch has deservedly won the 2014 Leopold Conservation Award.



Carbon Nation Conversation Video

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Bishopp FarmThis is a great video of the Carbon Nation Conversation held at Arizona State University in November 2014. Learn about the research that is capturing the amount of increased carbon in the soil because of Holistic Management and the great regenerative grazing people are doing. Dr. Richard Teague, Peter Byrk, and Russ Conser talk about the possibilities of sequestered carbon and the corporations who are becoming interested in supporting this work.

Watch the Video >>

International year of soil

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HMI Soil Carbon SequestrationAs you may know, the UN has declared 2015 as the International Year of Soil. Holistic Management Certified Educator, Blain Hjertaas  has written a blog post about this very topic on the Holistic Management Canada Page. Check it out.

Over the eons of time mankind has abused it badly in some cases causing civilizations to collapse. Agriculture has traditionally destroyed and then moved on. Unfortunately there is nowhere else to go.

The production of food causes a soil loss of 4 tons of soil per person per year on an annual basis. There are 7 billion of us so that equated to 28 billion tons of soil loss annually from our agricultural areas. Clearly not sustainable…

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HMI Community Survey Results

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Mimms Open Gate. Cows Holistic Management practitioners in TExas, hmiAs part of HMI’s 30th Anniversary, HMI initiated a community-wide survey at our 30th Anniversary Rendezvous and online. Both HMI’s Board and Staff felt it was important to hear from our community to help HMI better determine the direction we should be taking as we build out our strategic plan for the next 5 years. Over 300 people responded to this survey and we would like to thank all those who took the time to respond. Here are some of the key findings from the survey.


What are HMI’s greatest strengths?


  • The Holistic Management Process
  • The documented results people have achieved with Holistic Management
  • Education and Training Curriculum
  • Field Days and Open Gates
  • Availability of free materials
  • Educational Programs
  • IN PRACTICE journal
  • Providing outreach about Holistic Management
  • Online Courses
  • Great community


In what areas can HMI improve?


  • Creating mentorship/internship programs
  • Integration of Holistic Management with other tools/techniques
  • More collaboration/connection with other organizations
  • Collaboration with universities
  • Broaden outreach
  • More ways to learn about Holistic Management
  • Grazing Planning Curriculum
  • Focus on wildlife and animal impact
  • Technology and apps


What is one thing HMI should do in the coming year?


  • Educate general public about Holistic Management
  • Offer scholarships and mentoring programs for young farmers/ranchers
  • Provide opportunity for high school students to learn Holistic Management
  • Beginning farmer/rancher field days
  • Stay focused on key programming
  • Provide better follow-up after initial training
  • Translate materials into Spanish


How is the frequency of HMI efforts to community with you?


  • I feel I get just the right amount of communication from HMI
  • I feel like I get too much communication from HMI
  • I feel like I don’t get enough communication from HMI


What types of communication from HMI are of most interest to you?


  • Short case studies/stories of how practitioners are improving
  • Short tips on how to practice Holistic Management
  • Longer in-depth articles with detailed information on the practice of Holistic Management
  • Scientific information on the results of practicing Holistic Management
  • Announcements about upcoming Holistic Management courses
  • Information about other sustainable practices
  • The results and impact HMI training is producing


New Program Manager at HMI

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Kathy Harris

Kathy Harris

HMI is excited to announce our new Program Manager, Kathy Harris. Kathy comes to HMI from Texas, where she has been involved with the Beginning Women Farmer Program as a mentor and Certified Educator trainee for the past few years. She is passionate about learning and has seen first-hand the difference Holistic Management can make in people’s lives, so she is very excited about the opportunity to make a greater impact by being a part of the HMI staff.

Having grown up mostly in different cities across Texas, Kathy’s main connection with farming and ranching was time spent on her grandmother’s ranch in west Texas, and a lot of time picking beans and okra in the home backyard garden. After education and a first career in technical communication and education, she took a break from the business world to start a family. Then, a series of family injury and losses spurred a more intense interest in health and nutrition.

Concurrent with her introduction to Holistic Management in the late 1990s, Kathy became involved with the Weston A. Price Foundation (WAPF), a non-profit organization dedicated to education about traditional foods and nutrition, and she started the first local chapter in Texas. With the guidance of a personal holistic goal and new knowledge about traditional foods, she transitioned her family from the suburbs to a small homestead, and was soon raising dairy, eggs, poultry, beef, vegetables, and fruits to support the health and education of family and friends. Through involvement with Holistic Management in Texas and the WAPF for the past 15 years, she has worked to support small farmers by connecting them with consumers interested in sustainable, grass-based farming and nutrient dense foods.

After successfully completing the schooling of her two daughters, she left her homestead just outside McKinney to manage the start-up of a 250-acre grass-based ranch in North Central Texas. There, she developed the infrastructure for intensive, multi-species grazing of beef cattle, hair sheep, pastured layers and broilers, a small herd of dairy goats and cows, and a native pecan orchard. With that task completed, HMI tapped Kathy to become the new program manager we needed to provide increased capacity here at HMI headquarters as we continue to grow our programming. Welcome, Kathy!

Hanging out with Holistic Management folks is fun!

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AkasaVision Consulting in British Columbia recently interviewed Holistic Management advocate and former HMI board member Sallie Calhoun.

In these two short videos, Sallie talks about why she likes hanging out with fellow Holistic Management practitioners, unintentional mistreatment of soils, profitability, native grasses and carbon sequestration.


Aloha! Holistic Financial Planning Course in HI

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As winter settles in around me, I can’t think of a better location for a Holistic Financial Planning Course. Holistic Management Certified Educator, Jeff Goebel  is offering this course in Molokai, Hawaii in February. Even better, you can save $200 if you book before December 15.


HMI postcard HI (2)

HMI History Video

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As we close out our 30th year as a non-profit organization serving the agricultural community, we think it’s a good time to acknowledge many of folks that have contributed to our mission over the years. So grab your favorite beverage, sit back, and enjoy a visual tour of HMI’s 30 year history — while soaking in the the music of Kristyn Harris.



TOFGA Pre-Conference Workshop

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Seco-Valley-FD-1One again, we are teaming up with the Texas Organic Farmers and Growers Association to offer an HMI Open Gate day as a pre-conference workshop.

DATE:  January 29, 2014
EVENT: Seco Valley Ranch Day at the TOFGA Annual Conference
TOPIC: Using Holistic Management to Produce and Market Grassfed Meats

Folks can either attend the full conference or just the Open Gate day. If you decide to go to the full conference, be sure to drop by the HMI booth and say hello.

Get all the details >>>

Tell us what you think

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The HMI Board is gathering input from our community on the future direction of the organization. Please take a few minutes to respond to our anonymous survey.  We’ll be publishing the results on our website and IN PRACTICE, the journal for Holistic Management® practitioners.

The deadline for this survey is January 5, 2015. Thanks for your help in providing us valuable input!

Take the survey now.