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Edible Ecosystems at Parducci Wine Estates



Jess Arnsteen took some Holistic Management courses when he was at Colorado College back in 2010. After developing his holistic goal, he began to make decisions toward creating the life he wanted. After a number of twists and turns, that focus on what he wanted has resulted in his current role as manager of edible ecosystems for Parducci Wine Estates where he is growing much of the food for the workers and closing resource loops for Parducci.

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Award Winning Practitioners

Another Winner!

Tom Wahl and Kathy Dice of the Red Fern Farm in Wapello, Iowa are the  recipients of the 2015 Sustainable Agriculture Achievement Award, granted annually by Practical Farmers of Iowa.  It’s great see Holistic Management practitioners recognized for the their stewardship of the land.   Here’s an excerpt from an article published in Agrinews.com

Many years later Wahl and Dice were attending a Practical Farmers’ Shared Visions event where a call for integrated cropping systems using perennial plants really resonated with them. That was an “Aha! moment” for them, and Wahl realized chestnuts and other trees could be the perennial crops. Farm conversion to agroforestry began shortly thereafter.

Wahl said PFI and Holistic Management have been important as they developed their farm and thoughts about sustainability.

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Profit versus production in the cattle business

Holistic Management Certified Educator, Don Campbell

Holistic Management Certified Educator, Don Campbell

Holistic Management Certified Educator, Don Campbell just wrote an article in the Canadian Cattlemen, It includes some good charts. Here’s an excerpt…


“There is a tendency in the cow-calf business to put production before profit. I don’t understand this tendency and certainly don’t agree with it. Profit is essential if you want to stay in business. It is important to analyze our individual businesses and structure them for profit. Some of the areas we might analyze are: cow size, time of calving and cow-calf versus cow-long yearling. A business structured for profit in these three areas is likely to produce a profit in the short term and sustainability in the long term.”

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Farmer, rancher business sessions set for Montrose next month

carrizo-cows-SMALLThe Montrose Daily News has taken note of our upcoming Holistic Management Whole Farm/Ranch Business Planning course in Montrose Colorado.  Read the article.

If you are interested in enrolling in the course. We are offering scholarships and we still have a few slots open. Get More Information

North Dakota Practitioners in the News

We’ve always very excited here when Holistic Management practitioners get recognized in the news media for the results they achieve. Here’s a couple of excerpts from a news story from KXNews on Cody and Deanna Sand from Ashley, North Dakota

“Actually we sold a lot of equipment we didn’t need. We kind of cleaned up a lot of debt by getting rid of a lot of items we didn’t need anymore; to be a little more low input.”

“We’ve noticed in the past few years that we’ve probably doubled our production on a lot of land just by giving it more rest days, having the cattle in it for a shorter period. “

Holistic Management Certified Educator, Joshua Dukart

Holistic Management Certified Educator, Joshua Dukart

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According to the North Dakota Grazing Lands Coalition,  the Sands started learning Holistic Management in 2011 in a course taught by Holistic Management Certified Educator Joshua Dukart.  They are continuously working on improving their soil health and quality of life while minimizing  inputs and changed to calving in sync with nature.

If you like the results the Sands are achieving, be sure to check out the various training programs HMI offers to farmers and ranchers.  All of which are taught by Holistic Management Certified Educators.

Practitioners honored for their work

Holistic Mangement Practitioners, Birdwell & Clark Ranch


We are so proud of Holistic Management practitioners and HMI supporters, Deborah Clark and Emry Birdwell of the Birdwell/Clark Ranch in Texas.  They have been awarded the 2014 UNT Quail Keystone Ranch Award.  The award honors ranchers who participate in UNT Quail research, implement quail management practices and demonstrate improvement in quail population numbers, and host UNT Quail field days or educational events for the North Texas region.  As a matter of fact, Deborah and Emry hosted on of HMI’s Cows & Quail programs last year. Here’s an excerpt from an article Matt Kelton of the Pioneer Sentinel wrote.

Deborah Clark and Emry Birdwell manage the 14,200 Birdwell and Clark Ranch east of Henrietta. Clark and Birdwell focus on wildlife sustainability and sustainable grazing through holistic management practices, and have seen a 452 percent improvement in bobwhite quail populations on their land this fall, earning them the 2014 UNT Quail Keystone Ranch Award. Their efforts were honored during a reception held in Dallas on Nov. 13.  Read More….

I had the honor of meeting Deborah at the recent Holistic Management Rendezvous 2014 and was impressed with her enthusiasm, skill, and commitment to the practice of Holistic Management and her support of HMI.

Congratulations Deborah and Emry!!!

Canadian Holistic Management practitioners in the news

I just came across this nice little article about Holistic Management practitioners Connie Smith and  The Western Producer LogoBrian Chrisp in Alberta Canada. Here’s an excerpt from article, written by Karen Morrison and published in the Western Producer

This warm day, Chrisp shows off animals grazing belly deep in grass and pastures with a dense trash cover.

“When looking at the grasses in pastures, it goes without saying it’s working,” said Smith, who was raised on a grain farm near Govan, Sask.

Chrisp owns eight quarters and rents another seven quarters of pasture for the 150 purebred cows he keeps on abundant stands of grass. He winters about 350, buying most of his feed, and sells purebred bulls at a sale in April each year.

“There’s no crop farmer in me. I love grass and cattle,” said Chrisp, who has also taught farm management and cow-calf production at nearby Lakeland College.

“I like cows rather than tractor operations.”

He adopted holistic management practices, including shorter grazing periods and longer rest periods, to better manage grass and extend the grazing season.

“I have grass stands that were seeded in 1983 still productive,” said Chrisp.

Read the full article on the Western Producer website.

Workshops center around helping ranchers

Open Gate Mimms Unit, HMI, Holistic Management, new mexico

Deborah Fox from the The Valencia County News-Bulletin attended HMI’s Open Gate: Bar Lazy S Ranch Day and just published  an article.  Here’s and excerpt

Most people picture a little farm with a few cows, chickens and a couple of crop fields when they think of where food comes from.  The reality is that most food comes from large, one-crop agricultural businesses that may be miles away from their dinner table. In New Mexico, the farm-to-plate and buy-local initiatives seem to be gaining momentum, and local farmers and ranchers are rising to the demand.
The Bar Lazy S Ranch in San Clemente held a day of workshops Friday centered around small farm profitability. The workshops focused on how diversification and farming cooperatives can provide some stability in the risky business of food production, and increase local profits…
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HMI Board Names New ED


HMI Board Names Bryan Weech as Executive Director

Dr. Ann Adams steps into Director, Programs Role

Bryan Weech, Executive Director, HMIAlbuquerque, NM. – The Board of Directors of Holistic Management International, (HMI) are pleased to announce the appointment of Bryan Weech as Executive Director effective immediately. In Bryan’s most recent position with the World Wildlife Fund, (WWF), as Director of Livestock & Global Commodity Lead, Bryan was instrumental in working with multiple stakeholders in the beef and dairy industries to find collaborative solutions to increase the sustainability of the livestock industry. Prior to joining WWF, Bryan held numerous positions in the agriculture industry including Director of Pricing and Analysis at Coleman Natural Foods, Analyst at Cattle-Fax, Business Analyst at ConAgra and Chief Operating Officer at Gelbvieh Profit Partners. Bryan holds an MBA and Masters in Animal Science from Colorado State University and a BS in Animal Science and Management from Brigham Young University.

As Executive Director, Bryan will be responsible for partnering with the Board of Directors and staff to develop and direct the implementation of long-term strategic objectives that will enable the communities served by HMI to manage land for a sustainable future. Bryan will be responsible for fundraising, driving HMI’s day-to-day organizational success and delivering sustained results toward HMI’s Holistic Goal.

“We are thrilled to welcome Bryan to the HMI community. Bryan’s experience in both the conventional and sustainable agriculture industry makes him uniquely qualified to reach out to farmers and ranchers that aren’t currently practicing Holistic Management,” states Board President and Holistic Management Certified Educator, Kelly Sidoryk.

“I’m excited to be a part of the important work HMI is doing,” said Weech in a statement. “As HMI celebrates its 30th anniversary year, I look forward to getting out and meeting the community.”

Bryan is replacing Interim CEO, Dr. Ann Adams. Ann will continue at HMI as Director, Programs. Kelly Sidoryk adds, “The entire board would like to acknowledge and thank Ann for her excellent leadership as Interim CEO. She’s done a remarkable job in streamlining processes, effectively utilizing resources, and determining HMI’s vision for the future. We look forward to working with Bryan, Ann and the great team we have at HMI.”

About HMI: HMI is an Albuquerque-based international non-profit organization whose mission is to educate people to manage land for a sustainable future. They accomplish this by motivating, connecting, supporting and training farmers, ranchers, and land stewards through the practice of Holistic Management, a Whole Farm/Ranch Planning System that addresses and improves environmental health, sustains economic viability, and enhances the quality of life of farm and ranch communities.


Rancher hosts seminar on ranching success

Open ate JX Ranch Day, Tom Sidwell, HMI Holistic Management

Our latest Open Gate learning day is in the news. It’s always good to see Holistic Management Practitioners and Open Gate Hosts like Tom Sidwell from JX Ranch  getting well deserved recognition in their areas.  Steve Hansen wrote an article in the Quay County County . Here’s an excerpt…

Quay Valley rancher Tom Sidwell has acquired a reputation as a successful user of agricultural practices that are considered sustainable and holistic, and on Saturday, he hosted a group of 50 like-minded farmers and ranchers from as far away as Oklahoma and Colorado to show them how he does it.

Sidwell not only showed them how, but how well he has succeeded by using new-age ranching techniques.

The bottom line: these techniques hold water—quite literally. His assigned subject for the day was successful ranching during a drought.  Read More….

If you are currently practicing Holistic Management on your farm or ranch and are interesting in possibly hosting an Open Gate day in your area, please contact Ann Adams, Director of Programs to find out more.

And if you would like to attend an Open Gate, check out the programs page to see this year’s schedule.