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Today, you can help farmers and ranchers stay in business

Farmers and ranchers face serious drought, loss of viable farmland, and everyday struggle to make enough money just to remain on their land. Over 330 farmers leave their land every week – at a time when it is estimated we need an additional 100,000 new farms in the U.S. to sustain adequate food production.

“I don’t want to see farms disappear. I want people to have what I have – to be able to make a living and feed people healthy food. There is a huge benefit to programs like this. There are lots of people that want to farm, but they have no idea how to run a business, and they need training.”  Heather Driscoll

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Your support is extremely important because it goes to providing the vital training and educational programs to struggling farmers, ranchers and land stewards that will:

  • Keep them in business
  • Improve their land
  • Support the local food movement

Your contribution improves the lives of thousands across the country like the people highlighted below.

Profiles of hope & success

“Without the program, I wouldn’t be able to make a living farming.”

Heather Driscoll
Green Valley Farm, LLC

Heather Driscoll grew up on a dairy farm and always knew she wanted a farm of her own. But Heather had difficulty balancing revenue with expenses and struggled to break even. She enrolled in an HMI program which gave her the skills she needed to save her farm. “It gave me everything I needed to take my farm to the next level and run it like a business”, she says. Holistic Financial Planning has allowed her to truly understand her business and now she takes comfort in running a sustainable farm.  Read more of Heather’s story…

“We would have gone out of business without the training we received.”

Lisa Clouston and Greg Wood
Spring Creek Farm

Lisa  Clouston  and Greg Wood were struggling to make a living on their farm which included both cattle and cropping. Fuel and fertilizer costs were skyrocketing and Dan was experiencing health problems from the stress. Four years ago, They took a series of Holistic Management classes and within months started to see dramatic grass growth and reduced fuel costs. Lisa and Greg have not only saved their farm for themselves, but also for their children, who all plan to make a living farming from the family business. Read more of Lisa and Greg’s story…

“You are worth a living wage. You deserve it.”

Tricia Park
Creekside Meadows Farm

Tricia Park and her husband ran a small farm that provided food to their local community.They found it was difficult to keep the farm financially viable, so Tricia began training in Holistic Management. It helped her look at the land and make crucial decisions — turning fortunes around and allowing them to buy a bigger farm, increasing their operation. “They really lit a fire for me. Making a living farming is not just a pipe dream.” Holistic Management has helped Tricia turn a little hobby into a viable business. Read more of Tricia’s story…

“We would not be on the farm now if we didn’t practice Holistic Management.”

Neil Dennis
Sunnybrae Farms

Neil Dennis is a 4th generation farmer who had always practiced conventional farming techniques. By the late 90’s, his farm was fighting to survive, even forced to sell some of his land. Neil started practicing Holistic Management and saw his operation grow from 200-300 head of cattle to 800-1,000 head, on the same land. Neil says ”The best thing you can do is to go to Holistic Management seminars and learn. It works wherever you are and will adapt to your situation. It saved our farm.” Read more of Neil’s story…

“What Holistic Management has done for the country is amazing.”

Forrest Armke & Sons
Ford Ranch

In the late 1980’s Forrest Armke began working at the Ford Ranch “There wasn’t enough forage to create the income we needed.” Forrest went through Holistic Management training and began practicing Holistic grazing. It has brought enormous benefits for his herd, the land, and the bottom line. The training has allowed Forrest to manage through a major drought while many of his neighbors have not been as fortunate. The healthy ranch now produces calves which are almost double the size from previous years. Read more of Forrest’s story…

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