Four Cornerstones


The Basic Cornerstones of Practicing Holistic Management

Make a Healthy Profit with Holistic Financial Planning

  • Plan for and produce a profit
  • Determine what enterprises to run
  • Know what to spend money on and when
  • Determine the best investment strategies for business growth and resource productivity

Increase Land and Animal Health and Productivity with Holistic Grazing Planning

  • Simultaneously maximize stocking rate and improve land health and productivity
  • Use livestock to improve the health of land and increase profit
  • Coordinate three primary land management tools (rest, grazing, animal impact) to grow more pasture
  • Maximize the harvest of sunlight by managing stocking rate, time, stock density and herd effect
  • Make the best plan for the season ahead to reduce your stress

Design the Ideal Property Plan with Holistic Land Planning

  • Design infrastructure and land development to reduce input costs and increase profit
  • Design a land plan that provides good return on investment
  • Integrate financial planning and production planning to determine the order and timing of infrastructure development

Assess Land Health and Productivity with Holistic Biological Monitoring

  • Use simple and effective monitoring techniques
  • Cultivate an awareness of the four ecosystem processes
  • Predict changes and trends on the land so you can respond to them effectively
  • Monitor plant growth rates, water and mineral cycle effectiveness and unfavorable use patterns
  • Monitor the land’s performance along with animal performance
  • Analyze what you see on the ground
  • Learn criteria to monitor that will give the earliest warnings of adverse change

Proof Positive it Works

Check out these case studies to see how successful Holistic Management practices can be.