Exclusive Interview: Ann Adams on Holistic Management

HMI Healthly Land, Sustainable Future, Ann Adams, Director of EducationHMI Director of Education, Dr. Ann Adams is giving a Holistic Management workshop this week as part of the Carbon Farming Workshops in Regenerative Agriculture series. If you can’t make the workshop in Chestnut Ridge New York, be sure to listen to this audio interview with Ann. She talks about the importance of farming practices that put carbon back into the soil, why we need more farmers, and how the Holistic Management whole farm planning system can benefit farmers and anyone who cares where there food comes from and the conditions under which it is produced.


  1. Ann,
    Thank you for all your fine work. Wondered if you could be on our national tele-conference
    1st Wednesday of April(11AM central time) to talk about holistic management, water & conservation,
    & carbon returned to the earth. We hope you can make it. Again, many thanks for all your fine work.

    Water is Life,

    Mike Barrera, Chair
    Rio Grande Advisory Council

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