The Bovine Blog

The Bovine Blog is a fantastic blog about reduced stress handling and general ranch management. It’s written by Bob Kinford, whose spent the majority of his time working ranches and feedlots across the west. He’s an advocate of reduced stress cattle handling and holistic grazing.

This winter, Bob will be herding 400 cows through a 32,000 acre grazing plan on the Circle Ranch in far west Texas, owned by Chris and Laura Gill and their family. The grazing plan was developed by Holistic Management Certified Educator, Guy Glosson who is a low stress cattle handling expert.

Be sure to bookmark his blog and check back on a regular basis.  Here’s an excerpt…

On the morning of the 27th, the weather changed with a big temperature drop and the cattle headed into the brush, splitting into two groups, with one group splitting again. I added another 60 pair on the 29th, with the weather being cold and rainy (had 1 ½ inches over 24 hours). On Monday, October 1st, I will start putting them back together.The following picture was taken the day before the weather drifted them into the brush. Read More

If you’d like help developing a Holistic Grazing plan, contact HMI or one of our Holistic Management Certified Educators.

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