AG Town Turnaround

HMI Ag Town Turnaround Photo
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Revitalizing Ag Communities

Ag Town Turn Around is a new program currently under development at HMI. The concept is dedicated to the premise of revitalizing depressed agricultural communities, which were once robust.  Even before the recent economic downturn, rural agricultural communities were feeling the pinch. As farms have grown bigger, fewer rural residents have made it their living. At the same time non-farm employment in rural factories has slumped and employment opportunities in the service industries are scarce. At HMI, we believe a return to agricultural roots – with an emphasis on sustainable agriculture –can be effective in revitalizing these communities. HMI will identify and work with farmers and ranchers in these communities to create an action blueprint for success based on Holistic Management principles, including:

  • Triple bottom line audit
  • Goal setting
  • Triple bottom line plan
  • Business plan
  • Implementation – monitoring, coaching

We are currently evaluating prospective communities and piloting aspects of the program. The initial interest and demand for the program is high.