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Experienced Farmers And Newcomers to The Field Learn Sustainable Farming Techniques

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At Holistic Management International(HMI), we recognized a need for agricultural communities to come together to learn how they can improve the quality of their lives and develop profitable and sustainable farms and ranches. To fulfill that need, we created the Future Farms & Ranches program, which serves both experienced farmers coping with changing environmental and market conditions and young farmers who need help creating an action blueprint for success. We help these communities by educating farmers on how to manage land for a sustainable future.

Future Farms & Ranches: Upper Piedmont

HMI, Healthy Land, Sustainable FutureAfter a pilot year in Rappahannock, Virginia, HMI is implementing a program in Upper Piedmont. This one-year program will educate and support farmers in rural Virginia. Participants will learn sustainable agriculture whole farm planning using the Holistic Management® framework, and receive targeted, intensive training in each of five key areas:

  • Goal setting
  • Financial planning
  • Grazing planning
  • Infrastructure & crop planning
  • Biological monitoring

Registration is now open for our 2012 program

HMI is currently recruiting new farmers to join our program in Virginia. Registration closes July 1, 2012, so be sure to register soon.

Farmers Need Your Support

With your support, the Future Farms & Ranches: Upper Piedmont Program will train farmers in Holistic Management whole farm planning to help ensure that sustainable agriculture is a viable livelihood, allowing farmers to reach financial and environmental success while enhancing the rural heritage and quality of life of the Upper Piedmont

Training on Your AreaHMI Healthy Land, Sustainable Future, Rappahannock, Virginia, Farmland

Training is conducted by Holistic Management experts who train farmers in the Upper Piedmont region. Participants can take what they’ve learned and apply to their own properties.

Between training sessions, the farmers work together as a team to complete training assignments and to network during the program’s monthly study group meetings. HMI provides further support in the form of teleconferencing with a Holistic Management Certified Educator, who is available to address questions that might come up as the farmers practice their new skills.

The 2012 Program

A 12-month program in Whole Farm Planning using the framework of Holistic Management starting in July 2012

  • Consists of two-2 day workshops in Sperryville, four 3-hour webinars, and 12 months of telephone and peer-to-peer support
  • $500 per farm

Results from 2011 Program Participants

“We’ve stopped making hay, sold our hay equipment, and are keeping all the nutrients on our farm. Our grazing season has been extended and we’ve fed half the amount of hay this year as last, all due to grazing planning and the implementation of a Holistic Goal.”

-Mike Peterson, Sperryville, VA

“We’ve saved about $800 on diesel, $1000 on fish oil fertilizer.”

-David Schoumacher, Hume, VA

“I cut my fertilizer cost more than half and cut fuel costs by 1/3.”

-Dick McNear, Washington, VA

Proven Methods Providing Higher Yields & Profits

Holistic Management practices are adaptable to different types of land management all over the world, allowing orchardists, row crop and vegetable farmers, and traditional grazing farmers to benefit.

Holistic Management uses proven methods to successfully manage land resources in partnership with nature, resulting in healthier crops and livestock, higher yields and increased profits. The methods work to optimize the use of rainfall and conserve water resources, improve soil health and the biodiversity of range lands and pastures, and restore damaged grasslands.

HMI is grateful for the support of our 2012 Future Farms & Ranches: Upper Piedmont sponsor

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