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The First Millimeter: Healing the Earth

Price: $25

This PBS documentary is a mosaic of interviews with Holistic Management practitioners combined with stunning footage of holistically managed landscapes in Africa, North America, and Australia.  Innovative grazing management practitioners explain why the first millimeter of soil is critical to our collective future, and they share the practices they use to build healthy soils and vibrant communities.  The theatrical release contains footage not seen in the documentary length film.  (Runtime 1:26).

You can also view this documentary in its entirety on YouTube.



Grazing Planning Software

Price: $100

Save time with HMI’s Grazing Planning Software.  This software does all grazing planning calculations for you and includes a user manual. Works on either Excel 2003 or higher and has options for 30, 50, or 100 paddocks.  If you’ve used the paper-based Grazing Planning Charts and would like to more quickly plan different stocking options, this is the software for you.

Have a look at our grazing planning demo video for a tour of the complete functionality of this product.

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Healing the Land Through Multi-Species Grazing

Price: $30

Produced by Don Nelson from Washington State University, this video shares the captivating stories of how people are using multi-species grazing to heal the land.  Available in DVD or VHS.

Format :




Creating a Sustainable CivilizationCreating a Sustainable Civilization

Price: $30

Allan Savory makes a compelling case for the need to change the way we make decisions and introduces you to the Holistic Management decision-making process.

Award-winning filmmakers Roger and Nick Brown (Western Ranching:  Culture in Crisis) have enlivened Allan’s lecture with additional film footage that’s sure to make this DVD a hit! (Run time 1:25).