HMI Board Changes

HMI Board Changes

With HMI’s annual Board of Directors’ Meeting in November we have a change in our Board make up as Board member terms end and officers are elected. New Board officers are: Sallie Calhoun, Chair; Ben Bartlett, Past Chair; Clint Josey, Vice Chair; Ron Chapman, Secretary; and Jim Shelton, Treasurer. We would like to thank Lee Dueringer, John Hackley, Jim McMullan, and Ian Mitchell-Innes for their service to and support of HMI over the years. We also are excited to introduce our new Directors, Wayne Knight and ZiZi Fritz .

Wayne Knight

Wayne is a fourth generation farmer on his family’s property near Mokopane in Limpopo Province, South Africa.  Wayne has had a long history with Holistic Management when his parents where some of Allan Savory and Stan Parson’s early clients in the 1970s. Wayne graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Economics from Natal University. Following a working tour in the USA in 1994 he returned to the family property to encourage intensifying the practice of Holistic Management under the mentorship of Dick Richardson. Wayne had a wonderful 14 year working relationship with his father, who has now retired. Wayne completed his Certified Educator training in 2006. He now manages the family property and leases neighboring farms on which he practices holistic planned grazing. He has also presented Holistic Management training

Aside from his passion for Holistic Management, Wayne has been a member of Round Table, served on his local town’s Chamber of Business Executive Committee, and chaired or participated in a number of rural groupings concerned with local land owner issues.  Wayne is a hunting guide, a keen fisherman and part time painter. Wayne is married to Hilary and has three beautiful young children.

Zizi Fritz

Cézanne C. “Zizi” Fritz is a native New Mexican. Her family came to Albuquerque in the late 1870s by way of covered wagon and settled in the city to start a furniture and crockery store and “undertaker” business. In 1988, Zizi had been a fifth generation family manager in funeral service when the firm sold Strong-Thorne Mortuary.

Zizi’s professional career spans many years with an international funeral service organization where she managed 14 local funeral homes and cemeteries in New Mexico and Texas. She has been privileged to have worked in the public accounting sector and assisted with the start-up of a trust company. She served as the Executive Director of an assisted living retirement community in Lubbock, Texas and most recently served as the Vice President and Executive Director of the Presbyterian Healthcare Foundation since 2003.

This last year, education about global affairs became a focus and travel took her to 48 countries around the world. Community service and leadership have always been a part of Zizi’s other life having served and led numerous boards over the years. Welcome Zizi and Wayne!