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With Holistic Management whole farm/ranch planning you can manage risks, make better decisions, and reap the benefits of a sustainable, profitable agricultural business.   If you are a woman farmer  (or a  guy who supports her ambitions) you’re invited to a FREE one day seminar.

Not only will you be able to meet other women farmers like yourself, you’ll get an introduction to the skills and knowledge you need to run the farm or ranch of your dreams:

  • Financial analysis and management skills
  • Marketing & business planning
  • How to select the right enterprises for your farm
  • How to set a farm goal
  • Time management skills
  • Learn about additional programs and resources available from HMI

You’ll hear directly from experienced women farmers who are successfully meeting the same challenges that you face.

You must register in advance and space is limited


Select which seminar you would like to attend:

Saturday, March 2, 2013
8:30 a.m. to 4:00 pm
Hill Country University Center
2818 E. US Highway 290
Fredericksburg, Texas
Cost: FREE (includes lunch)
Registration Closes: February 27, 2013,  at 4pm Mountain time


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Friday, March 8, 2013
8:30 a.m. to 4:00 pm
Mid-Region Council of Governments Agriculture Collaborative
809 Copper Ave. NW
Albuquerque NM, 87102
Cost: FREE (includes lunch)
Registration Closes: March 5, at 5pm Mountain time


You can sign up for the HMI e-Newsletter to stay informed regarding future seminars and workshops.

If you are unable to register online, you can print out the HMI Event Registration Form, fill it out an mail to:
Attn: Carrie Nelson
5941 Jefferson St. NE, Ste B
Albuquerque, NM 87109

HMI is hosting these seminars in support of our Beginning Farmers & Ranchers program, which has  improved the lives of hundreds of women farmers. Take a moment to read the stories of Heather Driscoll of Green Valley Farm and Tricia Park of Creekside Meadows Farm.




Fredericksburg, Texas

8:30   Arrivals  and Check-In
9:00   Welcome & Introductions
9:30   How Holistic Management Financial Planning Saved the Farm, Peggy Maddox
10:30   Break
10:40   Managing Financial Risk with Whole Farm Planning workshop, Peggy Sechrist
12:30  Lunch
1:30    Panel of Producers –  Hear how four women farmers have used Holistic Management to improve results on their farms. Includes Q & A (Katherine Napper, Susana Canseco, Pam Gayler Mitchell, Stacey Roussel)
2:45   Break
3:00   Top Ten Resources Women Farmers and Ranchers Never Use, Robert Maggiani
4:00   Adjourn

Albuquerque, New Mexico

9:00   Welcome & Introductions
9:30   How Holistic Management Financial Planning Saved the Farm, Peggy Maddox
10:30   Break
10:40   Managing Financial Risk with Whole Farm Planning workshop, Ann Adams
12:15   Lunch
1:00   Panel of Producers –  Hear how women farmers (Joan Bybee, Dory Wegrzyn, Nolina Bryant) have addressed these issues:
– The Importance of Financial Planning in agriculture production
– Challenges and issues facing women in agriculture
– Strategies for improving market access
Includes Q&A
2:45   Break
3:00   Top Ten Resources Women Farmers and Ranchers Never Use, Robert Maggiani
4:00   Adjourn


Peggy Maddox, Holistic Management Certified Educator & HMI Program Advisor (NM & TX)

Peggy has been the involved with Holistic Management  since1986 when her family attended their first course.  She is a Holistic Management Certified Educator and is now serving as Program Advisor for HMI.  She is also a mentor for HMI’s Beginning Farmers & Ranchers: Women in Texas program.    Peggy received her Bachelor’s Degree in Secondary Education in 1985. Peggy taught public school for 17 years. She developed and taught the program for gifted/talented students in grades 5-8 in Sweetwater, Texas. Peggy was named Teacher of the Year for her Region two times and was the Texas Association for Gifted/Talented Teacher of the Year in 2001. She was recognized by the Lt. Governor of Texas for her work as a teacher of young environmentalists.  In 2002 she received the Rachel Carson Women in Science Award from a group of Texas environmental organizations.

Robert Maggiani, Sustainable Ag Specialist NCAT, Texas (TX & NM)

Robert is an active member in the sustainable agriculture community. He started out as a commercial vegetable farmer in northern Mexico and South Texas in the 1970’s and 1980’s. Robert holds a BBA and MS degrees from the University of Texas at Austin and has held various positions including, Direct Marketing Specialist with the Texas Department of Agriculture in Austin, Chief of Marketing for TDA in the San Antonio regional office.  Robert  is a member of the Food Policy Council of San Antonio and the International Committee, San Antonio Livestock Exposition.

Peggy Sechrist, Holistic Management Certified Educator & HMI Program Advisor (TX)

Peggy is a student, teacher, and practitioner of Holistic Management for nearly 25 years. Peggy and her husband, Richard, were the first ranchers in Texas to create a certified organic, grass-fed beef operation in 1995. She has collaborated for many years with numerous agricultural and wildlife agencies including Texas A&M University, Texas Parks and Wildlife, Texas Wildlife Association, Texas Department of Agriculture, Natural Resource Conservation Services, Southern Agriculture Working Group, and the United States Department of Agriculture/Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education program.

HMI Healthly Land, Sustainable Future, Ann Adams, Director of EducationAnn Adams, Holistic Management Certified Educator & HMI Director, Community Services (NM)

Ann has designed and implemented training programs and educational events for both trainers and practitioners, including 2 USDA-funded, three-year training programs for beginning farmers. She regularly teaches classes (onsite and distance learning) and  provides consulting in Holistic Management for family farms and ranches.  As Director of Community Services, Ann focuses on supporting the Holistic Management community, currently overseeing HMI’s Certified Educator training program. Ann is also the Editor of HMI’s bi-monthly publication, IN PRACTICE, and also develops on-farm learning opportunities.

Ann received her B.S. Ed. in English from Ohio University, and a PhD. in American Literature from Indiana University. She has also been a Holistic Management Certified Educator since 1998 and has written countless articles, and helped develop agriculture-based software for financial and grazing planning. She’s written a training handbook,  At Home with Holistic Management: Creating a Life of Meaning, published in 1999. Ann owns a small farm in the Manzano Mountains, southeast of Albuquerque, New Mexico where she raises goats and chickens.

Katherine Napper, Operator, Rancho De Manana (TX)

Katherine Napper Ottmers in partnership with Markus Ottmers and Lauren Whaley operates Rancho de Manana in South Brewster County.  They have a shop on Highway 118 South for welding, fabrication, equipment repairs, an office, and construction housing.  The ranch is off-grid and several miles to the West.

Enterprises include: a breeding herd of Dwarf Nigerian Dairy Goats, business development of mobile milk parlors for pastured dairy, and setting up a private buying club.  They also raise chickens, and this years plans include expanding the hatchery and layer operation.  They still depend on off farm income from Precision GPS and mapping services providing technical support to farms, ranches and conservation land planners to keep things going.  The family business, Ottmers Agricultural Technologies LLC specializes in water development for dry land agricultural production.

Katherine has a background in Permaculture, Landscape Design, and Project Management.

Susana Canseco, Cattle Rancher (TX)

Susana is a rancher and beef purveyor based in San Antonio, Texas.  She and her husband Brandon raise grass-fed beef on a farm near Devine and market it in San Antonio and Austin.  Their steers come from Susana’s family’s cow-calf ranch west of Del Rio, Texas, and Acuña, Coahuila, Mexico, which her mother runs and which has been in her family for six generations.  Susana and Brandon just welcomed their first son to the world and are excited for him to learn ranching too.  Susana is also an attorney and in her spare time enjoys riding and showing horses.

Pam Gayler Mitchell, Ranch Manager, Montesino Ranch (TX)

Pam Gayler Mitchell grew up in Rockwall, Texas breeding and showing horses. Following her bliss, she sought work in wildlife management and morphed into managing facilities, weddings, B&B, etc. in the hill country at Old Glory Ranch, Pipe Creek Ranch and now Montesino Ranch. She has discovered a talent for organizing maintenance, financial records, tasks and people, as well as managing multiple enterprises such as wildlife & hunting, cattle, fruit and nut trees, weddings and other ecotourism. Holistic Management has helped greatly in learning to plan and organize the many aspects of the ranch for a profit, while improving the land.

Stacey Roussel, Manager, All We Need Farm (TX)

Stacey Roussel farms in Needville, TX.  She is both a farmer and food activist.  Stacey wasn’t born a farmer, but she became one as quickly as she could.

Stacey and her husband are transplanted Cajuns, moving to Houston in 1996. After leaving the field of accounting, she worked with Houston’s Urban Harvest program, was a board member for Central City Co-Op, and also helped to co-found Casa Juan Diego’s Community Garden.  In 2005, after that community garden became a sustainable operation, she and her family bought 4 acres in Needville. They now own 17 acres of agricultural land, and continue to work, grow, and observe season by season, growing produce and marketing it through a small CSA and restaurant sales.  Stacey has been married to her high school sweetheart, Jay, for 15 years. They have two daughters who attend Needville schools, and both are active in 4H.

Nolina Bryant,Organic Producer, Nolina’s Heavenly Organics (NM)

Nolina’s Heavenly Organics is a small certified organic farm growing produce, flowers and herbs sold locally at farmer’s markets, co-ops and restaurants. The all-natural farm has straw bale buildings, solar power and well water. Their petite field includes 26 no-till, raised beds nourished by drip irrigation and lots of compost. Nolina’s Heavenly Organics was pleased to receive the Good Earth Award in 2010 from the NM Organic Commodity Commission for good farming practices and food.

Joan Bybee, Grassfed Beef Producer, Mesteno Draw Ranch (NM)

Joan Bybee is a retired UNM Professor of Linguistics. For the last five years Joan has been a running cow/calf operation for producing grassfed beef on her small ranch near Mountainair, NM. She uses rotational grazing practices and is also working on rangeland and riparian restoration. She has been on the Board of Directors of the Quivira Coalition since 2006.

Dory Wegrzyn, Organic Vegetable Producer, Red Tractor Farm (NM)

Dory has over 25 years of experience in community building through developing affordable housing projects and 6 years of farming practice that emphasizes the stewardship of the land and water.Her  philosophy is, that the  practice of sustainable land stewardship contributes to the access to quality food, shelter, water and family (given and/ or chosen), which she feels are the basic building blocks of creating healthy and equitable communities. Red Tractor Farm is a women owned farm that communicates to customers at the market and provides activities to CSA members that emphasize nutrition, local food security and while illustrating the realities of the labor and management of the farm. And most of all RTF communicates the concept that each of us, women, men and children are important stewards and our contributions support the principles justice, democracy, and sustainability in the practice of farming.

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