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**HMI EVENT** Profitable Regenerative Grazing Workshop

November 22, 2019

Hotel Albuquerque
November 22, 2019
8:30AM – 4:00PM
$50 (includes lunch!)

Are you struggling to make your grazing enterprise more profitable? 

Are you trying to figure out how to implement the most effective infrastructure that increases the health and productivity of your land and animals? 

Do you have questions about how you can best heal the landscape and improve wildlife habitat with livestock while staying within your budget?

Are you interested in learning more about Holistic Financial Planning tools like planning for profit, livestock production planning and innovative cost savings for better ROI?

Would you like to learn more about managing fixed costs, variable costs, asset turnover, and the importance of stocking rate?

Bring your questions and regenerative grazing enterprise challenges to this one-day workshop. Discuss and find solutions with experienced Holistic Management Certified Educators and practitioners. Lunch included!

What to Expect:

A full-day interactive working session to increase your ranching financial health!

Take a deeper dive into your regenerative grazing enterprise with a full panel of experienced Holistic Management Certified Educators and practitioners to help you improve financial results. Get individualized help with your toughest financial challenges as HMI’s team leads interactive and small group sessions on: planning for profit, gross profit analysis, livestock production planning, innovative cost savings, income generation, and financially viable infrastructure to support regenerative grazing practices.


November 22, 2019
8:30 Introduction & Overview – Kathy Harris

9:00 Holistic Financial Planning and it’s importance in Holistic Grazing Planning

10:00 Small group work – facilitated by various Certified Educators

11:30 Regroup as a whole to share insights – facilitated by Kathy Harris

12:30 Lunch

1:30 Small group work – facilitated by various Certified Educators

2:30 Regroup as a whole to share insights – facilitated by Kathy Harris

3:30 Q & A with the entire Certified Educator Panel & Evaluations

4:00 Adjourn

Certified Educator & Practitioner Panel:

Joel Benson, Professional Certified Educator, Holistic Management International
Joel has worked in numerous venues, primarily with community and regional planning, economic renewal, and natural resource management. He worked with the state of Kentucky to develop its new agricultural policy during its transition away from the tobacco quota system, consulted with Holistic Management International, Savory Institute, Horizon Organic Dairy, Marksbury Farm, Nestle, and other organizations. In Colorado, he ran the Buena Vista Roastery for 12 years, served four years as a Trustee for the Buena Vista, and then eight as Mayor. He has particular interest incorporating Holistic Policy Design and Analysis into Town decision-making. He enjoys raising his daughter, jogging, and kayaking. He teaches Science and Spanish and works as the Senior Policy Advisor for Buena Vista.

Kirrily Blomfield
Kirrily and her husband Derek operate a grassfed beef ranch, The Conscious Farmer, in “Colorado” Quinindi, Australia. Kirrily also writes The Conscious Farmer, a blog of practical regenerative agriculture for farmers and graziers. She and her husband began studying Holistic Management over a decade ago, leading to many positive changes both professionally and personally. Kirrily joined the HMI Board in November 2015 because she wants to help promote the benefits that Holistic Management can make in the lives of others and help build the communities and systems she believes in.

Angela Boudro, Professional Certified Educator, Holistic Management International

Angela Boudro has worked in agriculture her entire life and has experience on small and large farms with a wide variety of animals, markets and clients. She earned her B.S. in Animal Science and Agricultural Communications at Purdue University and an M.S. in Animal Science at UC Davis. She previously owned and operated a brush control business using goats, specializing in the management of invasive plants and fuels reduction. She and her husband also started an aquaponics-based farm, and currently produce grass-fed lamb, pastured eggs and honey. Angie is passionate about regenerative agriculture and works as an independent contractor and consultant, where she contracts with various agencies and individuals, consults with private landowners, and teaches a variety of courses.

Lauri Celella, Certified-Educator-In-Training
Lauri Celella graduated in the 2013 class of Beginning Farmers and Ranchers, Women in Texas and entered HMI’s Certified Educator training program. Along with her husband, veterinarian David Celella, she runs Dry Creek Livestock with her Dorper sheep and Devon cattle near Terrell, Texas.

Deborah Clark, Professional Certified Educator, Owner/Operator, Birdwell & Clark Ranch

Deborah and her husband Emry Birdwell run a stocker operation of 5,000–7,000 head on the 14,000-acre Birdwell & Clark Ranch in Clay County, Texas. The enterprise mix consists of 2,000 stocker cattle on leased wheat acres and one herd of approximately 5,000 head at the ranch using a high-density grazing management plan.  They apply their grazing practices to consistently improve range conditions, soil health, and cattle productivity.  As an HMI Certified Educator Deborah works to help others learn to manage their resources in a way that keeps the business, land, family, and community healthy.

Cindy Dvergsten, Professional Certified Educator, Holistic Management International and Owner of Whole New Concepts, LLC
Cindy Dvergsten, lives near Dolores CO and has practiced Holistic Management since 1993 and has been an HMI Certified Educator since 1995. She serves business management consultant with the local Small Business Development Center and operates Arriola Sunshine Farm. She will facilitate the tour and present an overview of Holistic Management. She has worked with new and beginning farmers, local food systems, Native Americans, and non-profits facilitating learning in whole farm planning, natural resource management, community and organizational development, business planning and enterprise development.  She holds a degree in Natural Resource Management and Soil Science from University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point and is a lifelong farmer with experience raising sheep, beef, poultry, fruits and vegetables, grass-fed production.

Kirk Gadzia, Holistic Management International Certified Educator, Founder of Resource Management Services, LLC
Kirk has over 20 years of experience teaching the concepts of Holistic Management® worldwide. Combined with his extensive international consulting work on many agricultural operations, he is uniquely qualified to help ranchers achieve their learning objectives. Kirk is co-author of the important National Academy of Sciences book: Rangeland Health. He holds a BS degree in Wildlife Biology and an MS in Range Science. Kirk works directly with producers to achieve profitability in their operations. He also provides customized training and consulting to a wide variety of conservation organizations. Kirk’s interactive, hands-on style approach comes from years of assisting people on the land. His courses are known for a relaxed atmosphere, open dialogue and practical real-life examples.

Graeme Hand, Professional Certified Educator, Holistic Management International & Executive Officer for Stipa Native Grasses Associate Inc. 
Graeme has worked as an industrial chemist, international marketer, meat industry consultant as well as farm consultant to many family and corporate farmers. He has a special interest in working with family farms to create profitable, regenerative farm businesses which are enjoyable to work in. Graeme is the Chief Executive Officer for Stipa Native Grasses Association Inc., a Savory Institute Accredited Professional and an HMI Holistic Management Certified Educator. For more information, visit

Kathy Harris, Programs Director & Professional Certified Educator, Holistic Management International 
Kathy Harris is Program Director and Professional Certified Educator for Holistic Management International, where she works with HMI’s global community of Certified Educators.  She embraced Holistic Management principles in the late 1990’s to rapidly transition her young family from a hi-tech life in the suburbs to a more self-sufficient lifestyle on a small family farm. Her farming and ranching experience includes dairy cows and goats; grass-fed and finished beef and lamb; pastured poultry for eggs and meat; honeybees; nuts, fruits, and vegetables.   For the past 7 years she has worked closely with both small and large-scale producers to effectively implement Holistic Management for improved lives, landscapes, and livelihoods.

Blain Hjertaas, Professional Certified Educator, Holistic Management International
Blain has 15 years of practical experience using Holistic Management running his own grass operation. This year in conjunction with his son Martin they have 350 ewes to lamb and custom graze 150 pairs of cows. They have a small scale poultry operation on grass as well. Blain has a passion for carbon sequestration. Blain has many sites in Western Canada that he is monitoring and has given many talks over the years from teaching at University of Manitoba to half hour sessions on how grass grows.

Roland Kroos, Professional Certified Educator, Holistic Management International 

Roland has been helping ranchers create Holistic Grazing Plans since 1984, more than 30 years. In 1985, Roland quit the NRCS and began working for HMI in the Northern Great Plains and Rocky Mountains. Roland and Kirk Gadzia trained together and learned how to effectively teach and practice the concepts of Holistic Management.  Today, he continues to teach Holistic Management to ranchers and students at Montana State University.  Since 1995, Roland has set up more than 350 Monitoring Transects on 30 plus ranches and annually collects Monitoring Data and Photos. This has given him tremendous insight into how ranchers can create ecological change and improve the health of the land.

Roland has a degree in Range and Wildlife Management from the University of Nebraska and 8 years experience working with the NRCS in Nebraska and Washington state.  Prior to college, Roland spend most of his youth growing up on a farm along the Platte River valley.

Kelly Sidoryk, Professional Certified Educator, Holistic Management International

Kelly and her husband, Mike, live near Lloydminster, Alberta, Canada where they operate a family ranch running owned and custom yearling cattle with a small cow herd. They also have another ranch near Debden, Saskatchewan. Kelly has been involved with Holistic Management for close to 25 years. She became a HMI Certified Educator in the late 1980’s and has taught a number of courses and work with many family producers and management groups. Kelly writes the Cow Trails and Pony Tales blog and has recently started a unique event business, doing local food events, cowgirl retreats, a women’s conference and more.

Ralph Tate, Professional Certified Educator, Holistic Management International

Ralph’s first career was in the military as an engineer, working with missiles and satellites.  Around the mid-1990’s, he became interested in understanding what “sustainable agriculture” was all about.  As an avid reader, he became familiar with the writings of Joel Salatin, Weston Price, Wendell Berry, Alan Nation, Jim Garrish and Allan Savory and became interested in “healthy food” and “local food” discussions as well.

After moving back to Nebraska in 2003 and completing the first Nebraska Farm Beginnings class, he decided to convert the farm they had purchased from his father-in-law to an organic pasture in 2006.  As a result of his exposure to Holistic Management, he began Certified Educator training in 2008 and completed it in 2010.

Ralph’s primary interests in Holistic Management are in planned grazing and financial planning.  He transitioned the Holistic Management Grazing Plan into a software program to make it easier for the operator to use.  It is currently being sold through HMI and has been bought by operators from 35 states and 15 countries on 6 continents.

Ralph has been custom grazing cattle on his farm since 2009, practicing the principles of increasing stock density and adequate recovery.  Every year has been different, but he has seen a continual improvement in the farm’s resilience as a result of his practices.


Advanced registration is $50 per person (includes lunch).

Register soon, as we have limited space available. Sorry, registration fees are non-refundable.

Special thank you to our funder for making this day possible:

Thank you to our collaborators:


November 22, 2019
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