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Open Gate: Leasowes Farm Day

November 26, 2018 @ 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

November 26, 2018

Ticket sales have REOPENED! 

What to Expect:

At the Leasowes Farm day, you will….

  • Learn how Holistic Management enables producers to clearly identify & meet their goals, make better decisions and enjoy the benefits of regenerative agriculture
  • Meet Rob Harvard and learn how he has applied Holistic Management and how it has influenced his farm and grazing strategy
  • See holistic planned grazing in action, infrastructure options & outcomes
  • Take part in a hands-on exercise to learn about the health of the soil
  • Learn why soil health is so critical to productivity
  • Find out more about Pasture for Life production
  • Take part in a group exercise to find out how HM can enable producers to make fully informed decisions that support their goals
  • Learn from producers who have practiced these holistic, regenerative techniques



MondayNovember 26, 2018
9:45Registration & Check-in
10:15Welcome & Introduction to Holistic Management
10:30Leasowes Farm: History, mission, holistic context & goals, grazing strategy & monitoring tools used
11:00Pasture walk: see grazing management in practice, fencing & water options, measuring grass. We will look at species diversity & how to do a simple assessment of soil health
12:45 Lunch - please bring a packed lunch!
1:30Soil health & analysis with Niels Corfield
2:00Pasture for Life: producing 100% pasture-fed, grain-free lamb, beef and dairy
2:20Testing your decisions: group exercise on grazing management decisions
3:30Closing panel with Q&A on all topics covered, evaluations


Rob Havard is an Organic farmer and a professional ecologist, and works for Natural England as conservation grazing lead advisor.  He has been using Holistic Management to inform his farming practice since completing Kirk Gadzia’s Advanced Holistic Management course with ReGenAg UK in October 2014 and as a result now integrates planned grazing on the 230 acres of diverse pasture he grazes with his suckler herd. Rob’s main focus is on the marriage of productivity and ecological gain. As a hands on farmer he speaks from experience, providing practical insight to making ecological enhancing productivity happen. Using the grazing techniques that are based on recreating natural processes allows Rob to grow fitter cattle for less money while leaving the land in a better state than when he found it. Populations of wild birds have been increasing and the farm is introducing more wildflowers every year from local wildlife reserves. Rob has been able to do winter grazing on stockpiled forage which has a massive financial benefit as well as improving the winter wildlife on the farm.

Christine Page owns and runs Smiling Tree Farm, a 70 acre pastoral farm that is home to a beef suckler herd of Traditional Hereford cattle and a cow-calf micro-dairy of Jersey cows and calves. Raised exclusively on diverse pastures, wildflower meadows, special fields of herbs, and browsing trees, these native and rare breeds produce flavoursome, nutrient-rich, ethical meat and raw milk using Pasture for Life, organic, permaculture and Holistic Management practices. All produce is sold direct to the end consumer in an almost closed-loop system.

Christine completed the introductory and advanced training modules of Holistic Management with Kirk Gadzia in 2014 and further training with Owen Hablutzel in 2015. Since 2014 Smiling Tree Farm has been run following the principles of Holistic Management within the context of delivering the triad of environmental, social wellbeing and economically sound outcomes. The foundation of these three interconnected goals is the desire to raise healthy, contented animals on a natural diet whilst using tools, like holistic planned grazing, that mimic natural processes to improve soil health, sequester carbon and support the wider ecology and biosphere. This environmentally sustainable system delivers very high animal welfare and exceptionally flavoured, nutrient-rich produce that, in turn, provides an economically sustainable business without dependence on government subsidy.

Christine strives to continually learn from her own practices and from others, constantly observing effects and adjusting practices as needed to gain desired results. Christine aims to enlighten those interested in this more ethical way of farming through written articles for her own and other websites, social media and by welcoming visitors, consumers, other farmers and the next generation to the farm.

Niels Corfield has been working to deliver a truly sustainable food system for over 10 years. He is an advisor, researcher and educator working to create regenerative: farms, landscapes and operations in the UK and Europe. He is focussed on agroecological systems that are low maintenance and productive. Niels advises and consults on: soil health, agroforestry, and planned grazing as well as setting-up on-farm trials.

He also provides whole-farm planning and design services to transition farm operations, using inclusive participatory methods. He works with RegenAg, Keyline Planning & Holistic Management frameworks. He offers specialist mapping services to growers and farmers to facilitate decision-making and planning.

Niels is a soils researcher, technician and demonstrator and has carried-out soils monitoring work for PFLA grazers – working to establish an empiric case for healthy soils on pasture and mixed farms. As well as conducting cover crop trials on arable and horticulture operations in the UK. He carries-out on-farm soil assessments for farmers and growers across the country.

He delivers specialist training for farmers, growers and land managers, through short courses around the country. He is a demonstrator of in-field monitoring practices and surveying on-farm.

He is committed to an information-lead approach to on-farm decision making and management practices, and helped develop the Sectormentor for Soils: app and website
(launched at the Oxford Real Farming Conference 2018).

Pasture for Life is the UK’s certification mark for 100% pasture-fed, grain-free lamb, beef and dairy. It is owned and managed by the Pasture-Fed Livestock Association (PFLA) which champions the virtues of pasture and the livestock that graze upon it.

The PFLA offers farmers resources, tools and networking opportunities where members can learn more about raising cattle and sheep entirely from pasture, as well as make links with buyers and sellers of livestock and produce.

Grazing management is key to success and the PFLA supports farm visits and study tours where farmers can find inspiration and learn from others already successfully raising meat and dairy from 100% grass-fed ruminants.

A set of Certification Standards has been developed to define what Pasture Farming really means. Only Certified Farmers who adhere to these rules can reap the benefits from marketing their meat and dairy under the Pasture for Life brand.

Run as a Community Interest Company (CIC) since 2011, the membership includes farmers, butchers, retailers and consumers – all with a passion to increase the supply and market for pastured produce.


Advanced registration is £25 per person.  Walk-in registration is £30 at the door. 

Online registration closes November 20, 2018.

Register soon, as we have limited space available. Sorry, registration fees are non-refundable.

Please bring a packed lunch and a mug (coffee, tea & water will be provided). This is a rain or shine event. Please bring appropriate clothing, footwear and a water bottle. This event is not suitable for babies or children below 11yrs. For biosecurity reasons please do not bring any dogs.

Please contact Christine Page with questions:

[email protected]




We will be meeting at: 

The Droitwich Rugby Club

Glyn Mitchell Memorial Ground
Hanbury Road

Then caravaning to the farm:
Leasowes Farm
Bentley, Worcestershire
B60 4HT

The Leasowes Farm is 50 acres of traditional Worcestershire countryside where I live with my wife Claire and 3 children Tom, Erin and Sophie. My mother, father, and my sister and her family also live on the farmstead. The land is all pasture with some old traditional orchards. We have been farming here since 1919 when my great grandfather moved from south Wales. We have always farmed sheep and cattle, have been in Environmental Stewardship schemes for well over 10 years now, and have recently converted to organic and certified Pasture for Life beef and lamb. Our main operation is pedigree grass-fed organic Aberdeen Angus beef cattle.

We have a farm tenancy with the National Trust on 180 acres at Croome Court and have recently taken on a further 190 acres with a local landowner who is committed to ecological agriculture where we have set up a pedigree Angus suckler herd.

We use Holistic Planned Grazing to manage our livestock for the benefit of the cattle, the environment and the people involved. Breeding stock are sold mainly to pasture fed cattle operations looking to maximise meat from grass.

A common theme across all the land we farm is the creation and restoration of native species-rich grassland and making the most of these natural biodiverse pastures and proving that they can be productive and valuable for livestock.


Thank you to our hosts and collaborators:



November 26, 2018
9:00 am - 4:00 pm
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