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Regenerative Grazing for Soil Health: Managing the Livestock Above & Below Ground – Texas

March 14 - March 15

The Regen Ranch Consulting LLC
8698 County Road 239,
Oakwood, TX, United States

In nature, there are no parts. Just wholes within wholes who influence and are influenced. Thus, the number of relationships land stewards need to manage are limitless!

How we manage our livestock above ground, will influence the livestock living under ground (the community of organisms living all or part of their lives in soil, including bacteria, fungi, nematodes, protozoa and arthropods to name a few).

As we improve these relationships, the ecosystem functions are improved, which allows for more water in the soil and less runoff improving the water cycle, more minerals cycling from the atmosphere into the soil and livestock and back again, the diversity of plants and organisms, and more photosynthesis capturing energy from the sun into the living organisms. All this leads to healthier soil, healthier livestock, healthier humans and a healthier planet.

The relationships are endless!

During this two-day workshop, we will concentrate on how we can manage the livestock above ground to help manage the livestock below ground, and create healthier pastures, livestock, and soil. This typically leads to reduced inputs and increased profits, together with increased carrying capacity leading to more production!

Participants will leave the workshop with knowledge about how to read their land and livestock, adjust their management accordingly and learn tools that they can implement when they return to their operations.

We will spend time indoors and out in the pasture. Topics and tools to be presented are:

  • how animal impact improves soil health

  • microscopic view of soil & how to prepare a soil sample

  • how to assess forage using STAC- a simple method using your boot

  • how to determine how many animals your land can support

  • how to determine and plan for grass recovery

  • how to read your land and your animals for better grazing management

The instructors will be Wayne Knight, Executive Director at HMI; Andie Marsh, Owner at Rhizos LLC; and Christine Martin, Owner at The Regen Ranch & The Regen Ranch Consulting

Lunch and snacks will be provided both days of the workshop and are included in the workshop cost.

Price is $350 per person

Learn more and register at:


March 14
March 15
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