Benefits-Green Field Windmill

Manage Your Land Holistically to Reap These Benefits:

  • Enhanced profits and livelihoods
  • More productive rangeland or cropland
  • More biologically active soils
  • Removal of existing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere
  • Less new carbon dioxide production
  • Reduced costsHMI Healthy Land, Sustainable Future Cow Grouping, Rotational Grazing, Mob Grazing
  • Increased carrying capacity
  • Maximum benefit from rainfall
  • Reversal of desertification
  • Protection from drought
  • Improved wildlife habitat
  • Better food security
  • Improved economic viability for organics production
  • Clean water
  • Healthier environment
  • Stronger family relationships

This 15 minute slide show uses dramatic photographic evidence to demonstrate the results farmers and ranchers from various parts of the world have achieved by using this adaptive management tool.