Training Programs

Open Gate: Creekside Meadows Farm Day Group Photo

Enhance the Land by Enhancing Your Skills.

HMI’s Programs Are Uniquely Tailored
To Help You Do Just That.

Whether you’re a farmer with a lot of experience, a rancher just starting out, or a woman dreaming of starting a produce operation, Guess what? We’re talking to all of you, and many others, with a wide array of programs to help you build the farm or ranch of your dreams. Our programs serve to improve the land, preserve water resources, train agricultural producers, and enhance and sustain lives in ways that are meaningful, productive and profitable.

Want a down-to-earth approach to education? Then come to the source. At HMI, we support the teaching and learning of Holistic Management Whole Farm/Ranch Planning. We take it seriously, but we make it fun, interesting and real, so you’re ready to tackle real-world issues. And HMI is continually developing and evolving a variety of educational products, learning tools, and teaching curriculum. All are field tested for efficiency and results. Take advantage of the excellent resources HMI has to offer and you’ll be on the path to success.

While we keep our course fees as low as possible, we know some folks need a little extra helps, so we’ve created the Terry Gompert Memorial Scholarship fund to help those in need.

Click on the following links to learn more about these valuable programs. Many are available to sign up for today!

Getting Started Online Learning, Man studying

Getting Started Online Learning

Now you can learn Holistic Management from anywhere in the world. Our innovative Getting Started Online Series will teach you everything you need to know to build the farm or ranch of your dreams. The series consists of five individual courses. Learn More…

Beginning Farmers - Texas Group PhotoBeginning Farmers & Ranchers

We educate and empower beginning farmers and ranchers so they are positioned to apply Holistic Management principles and practices to build successful businesses.  Our Women in the Northeast and Texas program is now in it’s sixth year! Learn More…

Open Gate On-Farm Learning Series - Mesteno Draw Ranch Day, HMIOpen Gate

The Open Gate Learning Series consists of farm/ranch days that are held on farms and ranches throughout the U.S. Each training day is hosted by an experienced Holistic Management practitioner and features numerous innovative and sustainable agricultural topics and practices. Learn More…

Beginning Women Farmers Workshop, HMI

Whole Farm/Ranch Business Planning

At HMI we know that to create a sustainable, healthy agricultural enterprise, you need to run it like a business. So, we’ve created this course to give both new and experienced farmers and ranchers the knowledge and tools they need to do just that. Learn More…

HMI, health Land, Sustainable Future, Professional Training in Sustainable AgricultureProfessional Development

Take your skills to the next level. We provide distance and onsite professional development training in Holistic Management practices to ag educators and professionals, as well as, farmers and ranchers looking for a more comprehensive learning experience Learn More…

Whole Farm/Ranch Land Management

As a farmer, rancher, or land steward, you know that one of your greatest assets  is the land you work with, and managing that land can be tough due to weather conditions, environmental pressures and high input costs. This program was designed to help you enhance the health, productivity and profitability of your land.  Learn More…