If you eat food, you should care about how it’s grown

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As American Farmland Trust says, without farms, there is no food. It really is that simple.  Without sustainable, profitable, farms and ranches, the availability of fresh, local food simply disappears.

While modern farming techniques have proven profitable for many, it has often come at a high cost to our environment, our food supply, and our family farmers and ranchers.  In many cases, topsoil has been depleted and groundwater has been contaminated by chemicals and pesticides. Today, even the largest farmers and ranchers are looking at the high costs of these inputs…. and are open to exploring innovative solutions.

Hundreds of family farmers leave their land weekly, many driven out by increased costs, recent drought conditions, and the inability to compete with larger farms.   The good news is that there are almost as many people entering the farming and ranching world as there are leaving.  While it’s encouraging that so many people are passionate about becoming a farmer or rancher, we know it’s not enough to simply create new farmers – they must have the tools and skills needed to remain on their land for the foreseeable future.

The Holistic Management Whole Farm Planning System provides farmers and ranchers with the tools they need to be sustainable AND profitable.  Our proven system teaches sustainable farming and ranching methods that are designed to maintain healthy soil and conserve precious water, protect the environment and provide communities with fresh, local food, using the principle that “the needs of the present must be met without compromising the needs of the future.” 

HMI offers farmers and ranchers hands-on training, covering everything from creating a financial and business plan for the farm or ranch to sustainable cropping and livestock production skills.  We also offer training in how to develop a comprehensive marketing plan, which helps farmers and ranchers identify  target markets for their product, whether it’s crops or grassfed beef.

By increasing the number of sustainable farmers and ranchers, it’s likely that local food will become safer, more available, and more affordable. That’s why HMI will continue to offer farmers and ranchers the programs and assistance they need, allowing them to remain on their land, maintain healthy water and soil, and produce fresh, healthy food for generations to come.

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Written by: Mary Girsch-Bock

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